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DarkSide Down - Break Me Apart [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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The band ‘Darkside Down’ was established in August. Vocalist Dulshan met Ash Lanthra and Aaron at a gig and thereafter they jammed together just for a warm-up. Later Dilshan and Rishan joined them and the jamming session evolved into forming a band due to their chemistry.

The band’s current line up consist of DashKodd as the frontman, Aaron on lead guitars, Ash Lanthra on drums, Dilshan on bass and Rishan on rhythm guitars.

The band play tunes that speak to their souls and awaken the strengths in their spirits – they call it metal. They stopped labeling their sound awhile back as different people had different opinions on their sound.

Some called it groove metal, some called it Nu metal, some called it Death metal etc. Ash has his modern metal vibe along with Aaron. Dilshan has his old school and heavy metal influences. Rishan has bit of both modern and old school. Their lyrical themes are based on giving out postive vibes.

The band just released their debut single “Break Me Apart” along with a video. The song was composed the day before their first jam. When the band was formed the song was complete.  “Break me apart” deals with a person who is being pushed around by someone (or something in his head) until he finally finds his inner strength to finally push back. The band is currently working on their first album and it will be out next year. The band has completed work on 6 singles in the new album.

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