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Naomie Harris Joins Dwayne Johnson In Rampage

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Fresh from scoring an Oscar nomination for her blistering, raw performance in Moonlight, Naomie Harris has signed on for something that will find her more in the blockbuster territory of the Bond movies: she's co-starring with Dwayne Johnson in Rampage.

Those of a certain age will remember feeding coins into the arcade cabinet (and later playing at home) to control three giant monsters: George (a not-Kong giant gorilla), Lizzie (a certainly not Godzilla huge lizard) and Ralph (a definitely something other than The Wolfman massive werewolf), who were normal humans until they were the subject of experiments by the nefarious Scumlabs and turned into their monstrous forms.

How that will be turned into a movie outside of the basic concept remains to be seen, but Johnson is reportedly playing an animal-rescuing hero who could be the world's only hope. Sounds about standard for him. Harris, meanwhile, will be a geneticist with a moral streak, who we assume will have a change of heart and help in stopping the chaos.

San Andreas director Brad Peyton and producer Beau Flynn are back for this one, with Warner Bros. and New Line planning a 20 April 2018 release.

Moonlight, which is in contention for several Oscars, will finally hit UK cinemas on 17 February. Harris also has a role in Andy Serkis' Jungle Book (formerly Jungle Book: Origins), due for release next year.

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