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Leting go of fear and becoming love.

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You have full control over how you respond to the situations and events in your life. You can respond to any given situation either with love (understanding, appreciation, acceptance, focusing on the positive, allowing what is…) or with fear (annoyance, anger, hatred, jealousy, desire for revenge…)

How you respond to the various events in your life not only determines your own personal growth and evolution (the goal is to become more love and to let go of fear) but also the circumstances you keep on drawing into your life. If you are stuck in fear (and this includes all fear-based states of being), then you will keep on creating and experiencing unpleasant circumstances in your life.

The outer world (the circumstances you experience) are merely a mirror of your inner state of beingness. If you are constantly in a state of anger, worry, hatred… you will draw events into your life that correspond with that energy. On the other hand, if you are most of the time in a state of joy, gratitude, allowing, love… then you will draw events into your life that reflect that energy.

But, of course, it is not all black and white. Sometimes you will attract challenging situations not necessarily because you are locked into a state of fear, but because You (the bigger part of you, your higher self…) chooses those situations to learn, to evolve and to grow.

You plan some of those challenging situations already before you come here into this physical reality experience. Those experiences become part of your soul agenda. And, you will encounter those events in your life not because you deserve punishment or because you did something “wrong”, BUT because You (the bigger You) have voluntarily chosen to encounter those events in order to grow, to get something positive out of it, to see through the illusion, to realize who you really are and to respond with love (to remain in a love-based state) even under the most challenging circumstances.

So, yes, you can control the events you draw into your life – at least to a certain degree – with your thoughts and emotions. Actually, more correct would be to say that you can influence them with your true, honest and authentic state of being, because thoughts can always be “faked” and if your thoughts do not correspond with your authentic state of being, they won’t give you any “advantage”.

The Driving Engine Of Your Creations Is Your True And Authentic State Of Being And Not The Empty Shell Of Your Thoughts. However, Your Thoughts And Affirmations Can Be Used As A Tool In Order To Facilitate The Process Of Moving Into A Desired State Of Being.

But, I think, trying to control all the events in your life in order to avoid the “nasty” ones is not the best solution. It is an ego-based, a fear-based approach. If you would find that magic formula that allows you to completely control all the events in your life, then this would quickly turn into:

I want a lot of money, I want this car and that villa, I want to be appreciated, loved and respected by everyone, I want to be the best in this and that, and of course, I don’t want to experience anything even slightly upsetting … you would just inflate your ego and worst of all, you would stop growing.

You would lose your true Self and ultimately you would become depressed and frustrated, because the love and joy you are longing for can only flow from the core of your true Self and once you lose that connection, you also lose the constant and natural flow of love and joy into your life.

The Solution Is Actually Much Simpler And It Is Also Much More Fulfilling. Simply Focus On Letting Go Of Your Fears – All Fear Based States Of Being, Also The Very Subtle And Almost Unrecognizable Ones – And Become More Love.

Believe me, there is no better way to live your life. Whatever happens, know that it will help you to grow; know, that the event didn’t just happen without any reason; know, that there is a fantastic opportunity to see through the illusion, to let go of fear and to become more love.

Just deal with the event and do your best to respond with love. Life is not so much about having, achieving, getting… it is all about how you feel. It is about how strongly you are connected with your inner love and joy – also and especially during challenging times. And, that feeling, that state of being, that inner joy has nothing to do with how much money you have, how slim you are, how famous you are…

Simply Be Love And Have Fun Becoming More And More Love. That Is The Most Ideal Way To Live Your Life And If You Live Your Life Like That, You Have Absolutely Nothing To Worry About.

Whenever you have to face a challenge, see in it the opportunity to grow and to become more of who you really are. And, then use your creativity and intelligence to find a perspective that allows you to respond with love and to get the most out of the situation. If you handle your challenges in such a way you will overcome and learn from them much quicker and you will avoid all unnecessary suffering.

Also, don’t worry what the future may bring. Live in the moment and enjoy your life in the here and now – simply be love and joy. And, if one day something challenging happens, then just deal with it. Take on the challenge, learn from it and grow with it. Don’t be fearful about what could happen at some point in the future.

Live Your Life Like That And You Will Have Everything You Are Really Longing For: A Life Filled With Love And Joy, And Absolutely Nothing Will Be Missing.

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