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Perfect Clothing for Male Body Shapes

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Fashion is a day to day language. Fashion has become an icon of representing who we are. Ladies, they just simply love and adore fashion. But times are changing and fashion has touched the senses of men more than ever before. So just like our female readers were satisfied with the article for their need, here is a brief article for our male viewers as well to understand their body shapes and how to select the perfect stylish garment to bring out that handsome look that all men desire for.

The male body shapes are divided into five main shapes.

Male_body_shape1. The triangle body shape

2. The inverted triangle body shape.

3. The rectangle body shape

4. The trapezoid body shape

5. The oval body shape

Now let’s look into clothing solutions that are meant for each shape.

1. The Triangle body shape.

You belong to this form if your upper hips and lower midsection areas are fuller than the rest of your body. The body seems disproportion which is created by your lower half appearing wider than your upper body.

Fit solution.

slim-fit-shirt-and-classic-fitExtra care is essential in choosing clothing if you belong to this shape. It’s essential that you focus on well-fitted clothing. Do not settle down for anything less than your actual fitting or more. Or Opt for single-breasted and button-down styles to highlight the upper body. And try going for darker shades as it will help to camouflage the imbalance between upper and lower body. T-shirts with prints will look better on you.

2. The Inverted triangle body shape.
You will be proud owners of broad shoulders and chest. However, your hips and waist are narrower than your upper body.
This type of body is particularly common for those with athletic frames as it is formed through regular weight lifting/body building.

Fit solution

133631_961978_NMV-133631For those who are owners of this body shape, the right balancing between upper and lower torso (body) will bring out the perfect fashion solution.. Some styles which they can go with includes straight or more relaxed slim cuts for Leg-wear as they will help balance your proportions and broad shoulders. And Opt for v-neck in choosing t-shirt styles since it will help in bring a narrowing effect to your chest.

3. The Rectangle body shape

In this body form, the width of shoulders, hips and waist all fall into a similar measurement or at times exact measurements.

Fit solution

When dressing a rectangle shaped body, the aim would be to widen the shoulders.
Settle down for circular necklines, and choose upper padded blazers for formal wear and if you are a fan of jackets, choose the same upper padded formation since it will make the shoulders appear broader.

4. The Trapezoid body shape.
Men with a trapezoid body construction usually have broad shoulders and chest with relatively narrow waist and hips. This body shape is considered an ideal for men as the hourglass shape is for women.

Fit solution
Your only limitation is concern. But apart from that any detailing, fabric, style will match those who belong to this body shape.

5. The Oval body shape.

Men with oval body shape appear to be round. So if you belong to this shape, the greatest need would be to make the abdominal area (stomach) to appear flatter along with the whole midsection. So your attention should be to make your appearance look slimmer.

Fit solution

oval-male-body So what better way than using monochromatic outfits, dark color and of course our dear friend “vertical lines”.
Most middle aged men fall into this category. To correct this structure, you should go for trouser legs and sleeves with the correct length as gathering will shorten the limbs and fail in adding shape or definition. And  always wear fitted clothes or clothes with a slight hang around you. Never wear extra loose clothing since it will add more bulk to your appearance. Slim cuts in trouser legs are not a good option.

Style options for men are indeed limited. But if you have the right eye and if you are confident about what matches your skin tone, you can experiment in fashion. So to all men out there, fashion isn’t only for the gorgeous ladies, it’s your turn to stand in the spotlight too!

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