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Find out how much Priyanka spends on beauty products every month

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Ever wondered how much celebs spend to keep themselves looking young and beautiful?

Well, we have the lowdown on the Bollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra’s beauty spending and you will be surprised.

Get this - PC spends at least indean Rs.80,000 a month just on her beauty products!

So wondering what exactly does she spend all that cash on? Apparently, local products are not good enough for her so she uses all International designer products for skin care and makeup.

From massages to foam cleansers, from skin creams to perfumes, the total bill amounts to a staggering indean Rs.80,000!

PC’s foam cleansers, skin creams and under eye wrinkle creams cost indean Rs.42,000 and her makeup and hair care products sum up to another Rs.38,000 and the perfume she uses is for Rs.13,000.

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