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YouthSpark Live With Microsoft

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Participants were taken on a guided tour emphasizing the importance of computer science today and in the future. A Microsoft Student Partner booth focused on the significance of the field for youth while a Job Opportunities booth touched on the growing demand for computer science education in the workforce.

Attendees engaged in mock interviews and received career guidance tips from Microsoft representatives. Minister of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure, Harin Fernando said, “The world we interact in is now full of innovation, and computer science happens to be the foundation for much of it. Computer science involves creativity, problem-solving, programming, data, and thinking about the impact of technology in our community.”

“The YouthSpark event hosted by Microsoft Sri Lanka is a great initiative to inspire our youth and show them the myriad of opportunities available to them in the fields of technology, entrepreneurship, digital innovation and communication,” he said.

Shanil Fernando, Managing Director of Cakes Labs, an IT and Services company and Peter D’Almeida, Chief Executive of N-able, the IT arm of Hemas Holdings, addressed the participants, giving them valuable insight regarding the opportunities in the IT field.

Ajitha and Nalin Gunawardene, field experts, shared their views on the fourth industrial revolution and Chonil Jayanaka, Social Media Coordinator at the recently set up media house, Octocompus, shared insights regarding on the reality of social media in the local context.

Attendees participated in a team-based coding marathon with the Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure. Themes for the marathon were Frozen, Minecraft, and Star Wars.

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