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At the young age of six Talin Silva displayed an interest in dancing and singing but it wasn´t until she was 12 that she began singing professionally. For her the connection between music and movement came naturally, she tells the Mirror Magazine in an email interview. Having just turned 15, she has completed her studio stint with Multi-platinum producer Andrew Lane of Drew Right Music International, to whom she is signed. Born to Sri Lankan parents in the USA, her music is available on iTunes, Spotify and other platforms.

As a child who was shy she expalins it was music and dance that helped her find her comfort zone. Based in California, young Talin is proud to identify herself as a Sri Lankan, she says.

Her twist with stardom has included perfromances at the ‘Kids Choice Awards’, guest starring on ‘Private Practice’, ‘24’, ‘Southland’, ‘Children’s Hospital’, ‘Conan’, being a lead on ‘Playground Politix’, and was a part of ‘Web Heads’ on Nickelodeon.

When asked about performing in the US she says performing in the USA is challenging as it is a huge platform and the opportunities are infinite. At the same time she looks forward to the challenges that come her way as she believes it is the force that drives her to become a better artist and a better performer. ¨I would love to perform in Sri-Lanka when the opportunity rises so look out for me soon,” she says during an email interview.

Talin studied acting at Actorsite and Young Actor’s Space. Now shifting gears from dance and acting to perfecting her music, she is currently working on finishing her EP. Her music has been played on the local air waves as well as radio stations in Dubai.

Her singles include “So What”, “I’m a Beast”, “Wasted Time” and her Christmas single “Christmas In Style.”
Plans are underway for a new single called “Vanish” along with a video to be released for Christmas.

As a natural performer she believes in drawing on her strengths as an artist in order to connect with her audience. ¨I believe as an artist you have to perform to make the audience connect with you and that’s what separates a good artist from an average artist,” she says.

Like other youngsters her age Talin has to juggle school along with her love of music and performing. She studies at John Burroughs High School. Looking back on some memorable times she says she enjoyed the opportunity to be featured as part of a video game ‘Just dance Kids’ on ‘Wii’ and ‘Xbox’ and ‘PlayStation’ where gamers could play her as a character.

While Talin has performed on stage with Christina Aguilera and Pit-bull as a dancer at the Kids Choice Awards, she also had the opportunity to open for Trevor Jackson, Diggy Simmons and Jacob Latimore at just 13. However, she admits following her dream has not come easy.

“Sometimes my little sister goes to the recording studio with us and that lasts till late at night and she still has to get up and go to school the next day,” she says and is thankful to the support of her family throughout her career and for the sacrifices they have gone through to help her strive towards her goals. ¨And this is just the beginning,” she adds.

For now, Talin continues to work on her music and dreams that one day she’ll be a lucky nominee to grace the venues of the Oscars, AMA’s or even the Grammys

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