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The Factory (Documentary) - At Goethe Institute

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"A new documentary brings the Maruti struggle alive through the stories of its arrested workers. Rahul Roy's latest film revisits the unionisation dispute that rocked the automobile company's plant in Manesar between 2011 and 2013." 'The Factory' traces the monumental struggle of INDIAN AUTO WORKERS of MARUTI SUZUKI, MANESAR their historic fight to form a union & the violent repression they faced at the hands of a State-Corporate Labor Regime. The film focuses on the 3 year criminal prosecution of hundreds of workers which exposed a widespread system of injustice, protecting the profits of the Global Auto Industry. 

Directed by: Rahul Roy, 2015, col, 132 min. 
Following by a discussion with Anomaa Rajakaruna. 

Venue: Goethe Hall
Date & Time: Wednesday, 14. June 2017, 06:00pm 
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