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Women legend Pocket Sun

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She calls it the first cross-border venture capital firm led by Millennial females, and now Sun and a partner in the U.S., Elizabeth Galbut, aim to finish raising up to $8 million by next month to close their SoGal Ventures fund I. They plan to invest in consumer technology and digital health care outfits in the U.S. She found her way into the industry after building her own network of young business-minded women while she was a graduate student at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. “There was nowhere to find a network that I belong to,” she says.

So Sun, who grew up in northern China, started SoGal, a community of female entrepreneurs and investors that holds conferences and has grown to 4,000 members in more than 20 countries, including Singapore, Vietnam, China and the U.S. Seeing the power of networking, she’s now running another network, Trojan Ventures, which started in Shanghai and connects entrepreneurs and industry experts who graduated from USC. And she helped start Trojan Venture Group, an investor network for USC alumni that targets early stage companies.

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